Areas of publication of Global Communicator Journal

Areas of focus of Global Communicator:
We focus on deepening learning and aim at publishing quality research and genuine articles. We hope to contribute to learning by creating rich data base for literature in the field of Mass Communication, Media, Information Technology and interrelated disciplines. We shall welcome original articles and research reports from, but not limited to:
  • Mass Communication.
  • The Media.
  • Mass Communication and Information Technology.
  • The Media and ICT.
  • Online Journalism.
  • The Internet.
  • Communication and Commerce.
  • Media and Commerce
  • The media and Development.
  • The media and Technological Development
  • The Media and Globalization.
  • The media, Public Speaking and Event Management.
  • The Media and Third World Image
  • The Media and Elections.
  • The Media and Governance.
  • The media and Information Management.
  • The media and Terrorism.
  • The Media and Image Management.
  • The Media and Stereotyping.
  • The media and Gender.
  • The Media and National Security.
  • The CNN and Word News Leadership
  • Media and Politics
  • Film and Cinema.
  • Media Drama.
  • Media and Graphic Design.
  • Media and World Press.
  • Media and Women Empowerment.
  • Media and Rural Management.
  • Media and Advertisement.
  • Media and International Communication.
  • Media and Economic Policies.
  • Media and National Development.
  • Media and Business.
  • Media and Political Communication.
  • Media and Health Campaign.
  • Media and Opinion Polls in Africa/Nigeria.
  • Media and Environment.
  • Media, Science and Technology.
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