Vetting Procedure of Global Communicator Journal

Vetting Procedure/Method of Global Communicator Editors:

Submitted Abstracts/Paper may face any of the following editorial decisions:
 Accepted: Without any change 
: Minor Changes/Major Changes   
Rejected:   Manuscript is seriously flawed or already published (based on our content checker software) The author may have to re-submit a new abstract for another vetting.
The Editor-in-Chief may decide to send the paper back if a major correction is necessary.  Once the final editing is done by the editorial team, a PDF version will be published online for free view, search and download by the public.

Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, no further major correction shall be allowed by author expect for few minor relating to error in authors’ name(s), the cover page and other critical areas such as error of fact.
The journal is open access for viewing and download , but the original work should b properly cited, under the term of "Creative Commons Attribution License".